Sunday, June 10, 2012

Portfolio Piece 1

Ink Particle Effects:

The goal of this project was to create a collect of ink based particle effects for when the family members die in Penned.

The original inspiration for these particles came from videos taken of ink splattering. These videos were edited in Adobe After Effects and individual frames were extracted to create sprite sheets


Family member Deaths:
The following particles were all made using RealFlow.  The process for these consist of:
1. creating the simulation in real flow by using different meshes from maya for collision and impact
2. meshing the simulation to resemble a thick ink consistency and importing those meshes into maya.
3.  applying a unique CGFX shader* to the mesh in Maya

*ink shader

4. using Maya's hardware render to render the sequence
5. importing frames into layers in photoshop, editing frames as needed and creating a sprite sheet from them

Final Product:

Due to some current bugs with spawning particles in the VForge scene after a plug in update the family member deaths are not yet in the game. 

There are four deaths.
1. breaking death from the corrosive sword:
uses the breaking tool to break the family member in combination with ink pop and the word dissolution

Ink pop sprite:

2. diminutive death
uses the ink drop particle when the player kills the diminutive enemies

Ink drop sprite:

3. standard death variety 01
A particle that plays after the family member hits the ground of their body splashing into ink

sprite sheet:

4. standard death variety 02
A combination of a  particle and rigging technique where the particle starts playing about half way through the death animation

I still need to get this animation with particle effect working properly in the engine.


Particle sprite:

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